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Maths Intent - Inspiring Ambitious and Curious Learners

At Western Primary School, we are committed in our aim towards fostering a deep passion for mathematics in all our pupils and we aspire to enable our children to become confident problem solvers and critical thinkers. We aim to ensure our pupils feel empowered in approaching maths with a ‘can-do’ attitude whilst taking risks through an engaging curriculum. We are dedicated to nurturing the mathematical potential within every child and preparing them for the secondary phase of their education and beyond. Our primary goal is to develop life-long learners in mathematics, empowering them with the skills and mindset to excel in the 21st century whilst recognising the importance of the subject within life beyond the lesson.

Teaching for Mastery

We teach maths at Western using a mastery approach which allows pupils to acquire a deep, long-term and secure understanding of the subject.

This is achieved through:

Coherence – mathematical content is broken into small, sequential steps which the children master before moving onto new content, allowing for a progressive curriculum.

Representation and Structure – pupils use manipulatives to support new ideas and to visualise maths whilst exploring problems.  

Mathematical Thinking – we encourage pupils to explore and question whilst making connections and recognising patterns within their learning.

Fluency – we believe fluency is key to building strong foundational knowledge within mathematics so we teach this through daily retrieval practice, which is embedded within our ‘Principles of Teaching and Learning’.

Variation – children are exposed to a variety of strategies and are supported in the skill of reasoning.

Reasoning and Problem Solving

We aim for children to reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language and representation. We aim for children to be able to solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.


Mathematical vocabulary is explicitly taught and modelled to children in all lessons. Subject specific vocabulary is introduced precisely and sequentially. Children are expected to use correct mathematical vocabulary to enable them to talk like a mathematician and to establish a common mathematical language.

Vocabulary Progression

Exceptional Learning and Use of iPad

At Western, we are proud of the mathematical learning that takes place. The use of iPads and the innovation demonstrated by our staff, showcases the exceptional way in which iPads enhance the curriculum as a powerful learning tool for maths. The iPad facilitates interactive and personalised learning, allowing our pupils to explore mathematical concepts in engaging ways. With educational apps and digital resources such as: Times Table Rock Stars, NumBots, 1-Minute Maths, Number Pieces, Number Frames, and many more which support the teaching of geometry, measurement and fractions, pupils can practise skills, visualise abstract ideas and receive instant feedback.

Curriculum Structure at Western

Long Term Plan

At our school, we take an adaptive approach which is based on the White Rose program. We tailor content to meet the unique needs of our pupils, ensuring a thorough understanding of concepts. Our goal is to consolidate, embed and master learning, fostering confident and capable young mathematicians.

Whole School Overview

Small Step Learning

We use the White Rose small steps to sequence our math lessons and create a responsive and progressive curriculum. This approach ensures that our pupils build a strong mathematical foundation, gradually advancing their skills and understanding, whilst allowing for timely intervention when needed, before moving on to reasoning and problem solving.

Mastering Number

Reception and Key Stage 1 use the Mastering Number program which aims to secure firm foundations in the development of good number sense.

Reception use the program to support the delivery of the number strand of mathematics. They supplement this with carefully planned, additional activities to build on key skills and knowledge, whilst implementing this within high quality provision.

Year 1 and Year 2 deliver this program four times a week, for 10 minutes a day, in addition to their daily maths lessons.

Calculation Policy: Addition and Subtraction

Calculation Policy: Multiplication and Division

Calculation Policy: Varied Manipulative Representation

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