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Geography Intent

Geography teaches us about our world. Our intention is to engage children in the wonders of our world as well as the impact we can have on it, both positively and negatively, through teaching a vibrant curriculum.

With a focus on global challenges as well as physical, human, locational geography and geographical skills, we intend to prepare our children - as fully as possible - for the world they are growing up in, making links from the classroom to the real world.

Geography Journey

Inspiring ambitious and curious learners

Beginning any new geography focus is always exciting. Children may be introduced to a question which will run through their learning journey. This helps to spark enthusiasm and curiosity and may include a question such as: ‘Is the UK similar to the USA?’ Launch events inspire curious and ambitious learners and can involve trips or visitors into school.


Teaching relevant and specific geographical vocabulary, underpins everything that is taught. Children are expected to understand subject-specific vocabulary and subsequently to use the key vocabulary with confidence, just like a geographer. Using ambitious vocabulary in all subjects is expected, modelled and used by teachers and children alike.

Geographical Skills

At Western, children are encouraged to question as well as to compare and contrast new learning with previous understanding. Alongside the learning of factual information, children learn to utilise geographical skills like a geographer in the field. Wherever possible, skills learned in the classroom will be put to practical use outside in the locality and on trips and visits. Conducting river studies or observing and recording human and physical features for example, help to bring the subject to life and allow children to practise geographical skills in ‘real world’ settings.

Learning covers 4 key areas:

  • Locational knowledge
  • Place knowledge
  • Physical geography and
  • Geographical skills

Exceptional Learning

High expectations are apparent throughout the curriculum at Western and the use of globes, Google Earth and augmented reality is evident to support children’s learning in geography.

At the end of a particular geography focus, parents and carers are welcomed in to celebrate the learning which has taken place. This may take the form of an exhibition or performance and is a wonderful way to showcase the children’s knowledge and learning.

Geography at Western

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